The Haimish Living: home-like atmosphere; simple, warm, relaxed, cozy, unpretentious.

With The Haimish Living, we aim to take you back to those carefree, relaxed childhood days. Fuss-free clothing, relaxed silhouettes, a little embroidery here and there reuniting you with everything you loved about carefree living.


A playful collection of dresses, matching separates, shirts & more : an ode to a carefree summer.

Delicate embroideries, feminine pleats & gathers and sophisticated Japanese silhouettes. Come explore our second collection.


Co-Ord Sets

Co-ords are the perfect go to outfit when you don't want to put in too much effort and still look stylish.

Made with Natural Fabrics, Relaxed Silhouettes & delicate detailing.

Anti-fit Tops & Blouses

Breathable linen, pure cotton, stylish everyday wear tops for women.

Shop everything from button-down women's linen shirts to pleated linen tops in a variety of styles

Relaxed Fit Dresses

Shop dresses designed for comfort & style! Explore relaxed fits with gathers, pleats and pockets.

Delicate embroideries, breathable fabrics and stylish detailing.

Cotton & Linen Pants

Relaxed fits, breathable fabrics & stylish detailing.

Shop pants that go with just about anything! Relaxed fits, with essential pockets & detailing.

Natural linen & cotton fabrics. Relaxed silhouettes. Delicate embroideries. Elegant gathers & pleats.
Founder's Note

Thank you for visiting my e-store :)

I aim to bring you simple, comfortable everyday wear that takes you back to your carefree childhood days. Slip on a dress and go for your play!

Delicate embroideries reminiscing childhood memories, a simple bouquet you stopped by to admire, the swing in the park, stopping & noticing dragonflies & butterflies. It all comes back to carefree living.

We have a small in-house manufacturing unit that focuses on giving work opportunities to women, create clothes that are consciously made to avoid manufacturing waste, re-use & recycle our cutting waste into dog beds donated to shelters during winters.

We follow a labour intensive process to create all patterns in-house, grade to different sizes, cut, make & finish all our garments in-house so we can guarantee you the best quality every time.

haimish is a Yiddish word that means unpretentious, homely, warm, relaxed, simple. It defines my personality and I promise you it will define everything we do at THL. No false promises, just simple, honestly made clothes.

Come & explore our collection. Made in India with love. We ship worldwide.

Let's become carefree again!

Love, Preeti

Go back in time

Music was and is a big mood changer. For our founder, some songs evoke nostalgia of the good times. Timeless music that immediately takes you back to the good times. Check this Spotify list for our founder's all time favorites.

re-living the slow life, one memory at a time


Some of the best music in our childhood was played on cassette players. Oh! the nostalgia of DIY repairing worn out cassettes on our own!


The times when all social engagement was outdoors! A swing in the park, stapu, cycling with friends and so making beautiful memories together.


Swings gave us so much calm incomparable to anything else. Just swing slowly watching your feet go up in the sky & back. No overthinking, just living the moment.