haimish refers to a homelike atmosphere, simple, warm, relaxed, cozy, unpretentious, etc.

Hello ladies! Thank you for visiting my e-store.

With my new venture, I aim to bring you simple, comfortable everyday wear that takes you back to your carefree childhood days. Slip on a dress and go for your play!

Delicate embroideries reminiscing childhood memories, a simple bouquet you stopped by to admire, the swing in the park, stopping & noticing dragonflies & butterflies. It all comes back to carefree living.

We have a small in-house manufacturing unit that focuses on giving work opportunities to women, create clothes that are consciously made to avoid manufacturing waste, re-use & recycle our cutting waste into dog beds donated to shelters during winters.

We follow a labour intensive process to create all patterns in-house, grade to different sizes, cut, make & finish all our garments in-house so we can guarantee you the best quality every time.

We have ensured our staff is better paid, provided with small enablers like air-conditioned rooms to manufacture, a small kitchenette, easy working hours so they can have a great work-life balance & a happy working environment where their opinions matter. Our fabrics are natural linen, cotton & linen blends which are not only better to wear but also kind to the planet.

haimish is a Yiddish word that means unpretentious, homely, warm, relaxed, simple. It defines my personality and I promise you it will define everything we do at THL. No false promises, just simple, honestly made clothes.
I have put my heart & soul into making clothes that I look forward to you all wearing. This is only the start and there is so much more to come.

Come & explore our collection. Made in India with love. We ship worldwide.


Let's become carefree again!